The Best Coding T-Shirt: The Git Cheat Shirt

The Best Coding T-Shirt: The Git Cheat Shirt

Coders and Programmers love their T-Shirts

The T-Shirt is probably the most essential piece of a coders wardrobe. They function as a status symbol to showcase the technologies they are capable of or the companies they want to be associated with. Programmer T-Shirts are all about their prints. Logos of frameworks, cliches about the different types of programmes - frontend, backend, fullstack... - and very popular: Jokes about coffee. I've collected the most popular types of coding T-Shirts in a previous blog post. Seemingly, there is a wide choice of programmer shirts - but which one is the best?

Disclaimer: This article based on many stereotypes about coders. I know developers are individuals - but I'm also pretty sure they have clear similarities given their skills and backgrounds.

Criteria for a perfect Programmer Shirt

  • High quality: Programmers oftentimes do not like to shop for clothes. This is why once they found a good shirt, it's important that it lasts long. A good T-Shirt should survive hundreds of washing cycles.

  • Funny: Tech humor is special, but important. Food- or coffee related jokes are just as popular as jokes that are based on a property or expression from a programming language. The latter is strongly connected to the next points.

  • Confusing non-techies: Clearly once of the most important criteria. If your mother understands what your shirt is about, it's no good coding shirt. You want to set yourself apart from the "muggles".

  • Recognition among developers: On the otherside, other coders will directly identify you as once as well. Your shirt can be a nice icebreaker if you are interested in talking to other tech persons, e.g. on conventions, trade faires or parties.

  • Practical: A good coding shirt should feel comfortable at work and at home, too. You might even want to sleep or do sports in your shirt.

  • Muted colors: Even though the clishe of the shy programmer might be a little bit outdated, the average coder does not want to make fashion statements. Especially if the print is colorful, the rest of the shirt should be in muted colors.

  • Showcasing tech you use: Coders are oftentimes very convinced of their toolchain and tech stack. They have endless discussion of whether React or Vue is they way to go, whether the LAMP Stack or the MEAN Stack is better and whether Windows, Linux or Mac is the best OS. A good print should reflect a part of a coders tool chain.

And guess what? Here comes the only true programming T-Shirt that fullfills all these criteria

The Git Cheat Shirt

I barely know any coder that does not use Git for code versioning. And I barely know any developer that does not regularly forgets the most basic Git commands. Luckly, the Git Cheat Shirt (view in Shop) was invented.

Git Cheat Shirt from front

The Git Cheat Shirt: Lookup popular Git commands without opening a browser tab

Git Cheat Sheet printed on the shirt

From git init to git push : The most important Git commands are printed upside down, so you can easily read them while wearing the shirt.

Regular fit, various sizes, unisex

The Git Cheat Shirt in full person view

Stylish, nicely fitting shirts from S-XXL

100% organic cotton

100% organic cotton

High quality, organic cotton. Optimal comfort, lasting long.

Order your Git Cheat Shirt

The Git Cheat Shirt can be ordered in our online shop. We ship world wide and offer a large choice of payment methods. Please note that T-Shirts are printed on demand to avoid unsustainable dellivery chains.

Visit the Shop

The Perfect Gift Idea

The fact that the Git Cheat Shirt is the perfect coder T-Shirts makes it a perfect gift for a friends, partner or relative working in tech. No matter whether they just started there job, or whether they have more experience: Everyone forgets Git Commands. Maybe you work in tech yourself and you have that annoying colleague that keeps using Git incorrectly. In this case, this T-Shirt is not only a great gift, but also can avoid a lot of frustration your teams code base :-)

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